- CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

I have always been passionate about sport, from a young age I was exposed to as many sports as I could access and always enjoyed learning something new.

My true sporting passion came in the form of Rugby and I played semi-professionally in the UK, before my move to New Zealand, but unfortunately was forced to stop playing through injury. This is when I found crossfit, I used it as a tool to keep me fit and active following my Rugby retirement.

What attracted me to crossfit initially was the encouragement of good mobility and flexibility alongside the strength and conditioning focus, something I had to work on after Rugby injuries. The ability to compete and work in teams, has also allowed me to fill the competitive void left when I was forced to stop Rugby.

I have a degree in Bioengineering and my current vocation is accountancy, but more recently I have had the opportunity to become a coach, which allows me to convey my passion for health and fitness to the class members. I love to get the best effort out of athletes in the gym and see them fulfil their potential by pushing them further than they thought they could go. Beyond the health and fitness side of things I love the sense of community here at 3216 - something I used to find at the local Rugby Club - and the relationships I have developed with other members of the box go beyond just throwing weights around.