We have trainers and coaches who actually coach you, who are present, accountable and will match your commitment and determination.

Our training philosophy promotes technique first, then speed and finally load. We aim for continual improvement and encourage you to push yourself to new heights. We thrive on technical improvement, efficiency and having a strong core.

We collect and collate all your performance data to track your attendance, development and progress in a measurable and meaningful way to help you reach your goals.

Our coaches are professionals in their own right and are always seeking knowledge and experience to share with our members. They also train just as hard on the floor themselves as the people they coach.


At CrossFit 3216 we are passionate about health, wellness and driving improvement for our members both on and off the gym floor.

Our aim is to deliver effective programming that improves work capacity and athleticism across all time, physical and neurological domains.

From the intro phase right through to our main stream classes, we can adapt your training to support and challenge you individually to ensure you are achieving your goals no matter what your level of fitness, age or abilities are.

It is our mission at CrossFit 3216 to provide a safe, motivating and highly effective training experience for all our members, everyday.